Vascular Surgeon Salary in USA

Vascular Surgeon specializes in the medical management and surgical treatment of patients with diseases of the blood vessels outside the heart and brain. The exception of cardiac and intracranial vessels is very important, because these are handled by cardiovascular surgeons and neurosurgeons. Vascular Surgeon salary in USA is one of the highest in medical field, making this tough specialty one of the most attractive for medical students. And one of the most competitive for IMG, also.

Check out average mid-career vascular surgeon salary in USA:

Vascular Surgeon Salary, $
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Miami, FL

National Average = $306,000

These Salaries are good, but there has been a resentment that they have not been able to keep up with the increases seen in the salaries of interventional radiologists, who often do some similar procedures without the intensive surgical training and yet make the huge bucks. This is what Dr. Yorkovich W.R. said in the article "The Future of Vascular Surgery - Opportunity or Obituary"

"Minimally invasive, endovascular and venous procedures are now routinely performed by far less qualified physicians, many of whom have had no more than an introductory seminar in minimally invasive procedures. This poses a serious threat to surgical practices whose survival now seems to depend on how quickly they can catch up"

How to Become a Vascular Surgeon in the USA ?

A 1-year or a 2-year fellowship after a 5 year hectic residency training in General Surgery makes you a vascular surgeon. As you may guess, the fellowships are competitive - here are the fellowship match statistics. The 2007 season saw 95% fill rates for fellowship positions with a 88% match rate for American Medical graduates and a 55% match rate for IMGs.

Look at sample job offer transcripts - they are always amusing:

"Recognized Name in Iowa Work with One of the Top 50 Hospitals in the Country for Cardiac and Cardiac Surgery 1:4 Call - Every 4th Week and Weekend 2 Year Employed Contract with Partnership Immediately Following Partners Made $589,000 last year"

"Vascular Surgery Medical Director - The Practice Guaranteed Salary Plus You Choose Your Own Production Model Walk Into Existing Practice = Busy From Day 1 100% Vascular Practice Plus New Equipment Hybaric Chambers Available One Hospital = No Travel Block Time for OR Rooms Paid Benefits Package, Vacation / CME Time, Occurrence Malpractice, Retirement with Matching The Community Live in a Beautiful, Scenic Mountain Valley Play Soccer or Drive a Golf Ball in the Largest Air Supported Structure in North America. Pay 275,000/-"

So, Vascular Surgeon salary  in private practice shows more attractive figures as compared to academic institutions, but then so are the malpractice premiums expenses.

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