Trauma Surgeon Salary in USA

Work of trauma surgeon in USA is intensive, physically demanding and very challenging. Trauma surgeon salary in USA  is one of the highest in medical field, but it’s hard to be in this specialty just for money. Anyone considering Trauma Surgery as future career have to like his work.

To become Trauma Surgeon in USA you need to do General Surgery residency and fellowship in Trauma surgery.

Trauma Surgeon Salary:

Average Trauma Surgeon  Salary
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Miami, Fl

National Average: $285,000

Starting trauma surgeon salary is higher than many other doctor salary in USA, even for those with less than one year of experience. Trauma surgeon salary often increase as professional experience is gained. Payscale reported 38 percent of trauma surgeons had between one and for years of experience and earned average salary ranging between $99,582 and $247,912 per year. For those with 10 to 19 years of experience, average salaries ranged between $200,595 and $314,466 per year.

Like this Iranian Trauma Surgeon who laments "I could offer a woman a fancy life style, money, cars but not love" Indeed, Dr. Robert Ostrum of the Cooper University Hospital in NJ says: "Trauma's so much fun, it's so rewarding, - If it reimbursed better and the hours were between 8 and 5, everyone would want to do it."

Little wonder then that, Fellowship positions are usually not filled completely. I was even amused to see the Grant Medical center at Ohio offer a $10,000 sign-on bonus for it's Trauma Emergency Fellowship Program, besides the 60,000$ a year fellowship salary. So the only bottleneck would getting into a General Surgery / Orthopedics Residency program.

As long as we have handguns and motorcycles, there will be plenty of business for trauma surgeon in USA.

The trauma surgeon salary largely depends on the expertise of the surgeon, their several years of practical experience, location of work and type of employer they work for. The ones having more than eight years of experience earn the most according to salary surveys conducted by several job market experts. Surgeons working for top hospitals will naturally be making more than those working for smaller hospitals. Many times, there is a vast difference in the salaries earned by surgeons due to their varying skills. So the key is to acquire new skills in the course of work to achieve fast career growth.

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