Top 5 Tips for Surviving Residency in USA

Medical residency in USA is not the final step in your medical career, but it’s one of the most important. You have to overcome many difficulties on your way to get the residency you want and to successfully complete it.

The first thing you need to realize after you start your medical residency in USA is that you are no longer a medical student. You are a physician now. And it’s a great difference.

How to Survive Residency in USA

1. After you got into residency you will soon understand that this is something quite different from all your medical experience you have in previous years. Being a resident you have more responsibility and longer hours. Residency salary is not to high and you will get lesser than you may deserve. The first year of residency in USA is especially difficult but remember – it’s only 1 year.

2. Put your personal life on pause. Residency is not the best time to begin new relationships. During residency in USA you will be very busy with work, staying at hospital till late night sometimes. If you have a relationship already than try to speak to your partner and ask him to understand and to support you in this difficult period of your life.  Tha same thing with you family and friends – make sure they understand you.

3. Never bring you work home. Use your free time wisely. Try to plan your free time so that you can spend it with you friends or family.

4. Remember your goals. Your main goal is during residency is to become the best physician in your specialty. Don’t forget about it! After completing your residency finish boards and become certified physician in USA.

5. Be social active. Try to make as much new connections in your field as you can. Who knows, may be one of your new friends will hire you one day.

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