Dermatologist Salary in USA

Dermatologist salary in USA is one the highest among other medical specialties. Good dermatologist earns more than $250,000 a year in average, though income can vary widely depending on geographical area and specialization.  

People always want to look good and attractive. And what is more important – they are ready to pay really good money for it. That’s why those dermatologists who offer a large amount of cosmetic procedures can easily make near 1 million dollars per year.
Dermatologists in USA enjoy a strong demand, cool lifestyle, really good salary and no emergencies. All it makes Dermatology residency one of the most popular among American graduates and very tough for IMGs to get into.

Dermatologist Salary in USA

Annual Dermatologist Salary
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL

Average dermatologist salary in USA is $280,000. Notice, that this is expected mid-career salary level for typical dermatologist. Dermatologist working in private practice can make even more money. Due to aging population and rising in the incidence of skin problems demand for dermatologist keeps strong especially in big cities.
Dermatologist doing no cosmetic procedures working 5 days per week in office should be able to make near $550,000 annually. But overhead of expenses in the 56-57% range, like primary care, leaving dermatologist salary of about $240,000.  

During typical working day dermatopathologist look at near 100 slides charging about $75 for each. Thus, dermatopathologist salary can approach $2 million per year.  And typical overhead rate is about 30% much lower than in general dermatology!

How to become Dermatologist in USA?

Because dermatology is very competitive medical field it requires several years of professional education and training. After you have successfully passed all USMLE Steps you can apply for Dermatology residency. Residency in Dermatology is very hard to get into, so try to do your best at USMLE exams, do some research and get a few LORs.

There are several fellowship options available after Dermatology residency:


High dermatologist salary, low medical malpractice premiums and lower work hours per week make Dermatology one of the most desirable and highly competed specialty in America.