Physician Assistant Salary in USA

Physician Assistant is a certified health-care professional who works under physician’s supervision. During last decade this medical profession gained in popularity and today there are more than 66,000 physician assistants working in the USA.

One may ask: “What does a Physician Assistant do?” Typical physician assistants perform many medical procedures and have the same responsibilities as doctor – they diagnose and treat patients, order diagnostic tests if necessary, prescribe medications and even assist during surgery.

How to become Physician Assistant in USA?

First of all, you need to complete PA degree from accredited PA program. Next step – passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, administered by the NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants).

After you pass the exam successfully you are officially allowed to use credential “Physician Assistant Certified”. After you become physician assistant you will need to maintain your certification every 2 years by completing 100 hours of CME and pass recertification exam every 6 years.

Physician Assistant Salary in USA

The salary of physician assistant depends on specialty. Like for physicians, variety of medical specialties are available for physician assistants. In some specialties Physician assistant average salary is higher than in others.

Primary Care Physician Assistant
Working in primary care Physician Assistants usually work with patient suffering from common diseases like diabetes or hypertension. They perform physical examination of the patient, prescribe medications and provide him with ongoing health care he may need.

Surgical Physician Assistant
Surgical PAs provide assistance to surgeons, making incisions on a patient of even sewing wounds when it’s necessary. They can also clamp or retract patient under surgeon’s supervision. Surgical physician assistants work with surgeon or a nursing team. Surgical physician assistant salary is among the highest for PA.

Physician assistant average salary in neurosurgery or cardiothoracic surgery can reach $130-150,000 per year.

Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant
In emergency room physician assistants treat colds and infections, strains or sprains. In busier hospitals physician assistants in emergency department may perform even more advanced procedures. Emergency medicine is one of the high-paying specialty for physician assistant in USA.

Physician Assistant in the Navy
In the Navy physician assistants work under the oversight of physicians and surgeons but provide broad range of health care services. Navy physician assistants perform different comprehensive exams and treat minor injuries, interpret lab tests and X-rays, counsel patients and prescribe medications. Physician assistant in the Navy works in military hospitals and clinics in USA, overseas and aboard ships.

Physician assistant average salary (non-surgical):

Annual PA Salary
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Miami, FL

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