ENT Surgeon Salary in USA

ENT means ear, nose and throat. Do you know that this is the oldest medical practice in USA ? The first hospital in otolaryngology in USA was The New York Eye & Ear Infirmary founded in 1820.

Since then  otolaryngologists in USA are on great demand and almost 50% of all office visit today pertain to them.

ENT surgeons don’t miss out of work but the salary of otolaryngologist in USA is high enough to make this medical specialty one of the most attractive for medical students.

ENT surgeon salary depends on many factors – education and work experience, specialization  and geographical area, type of practice and generosity of the employer.

Average Otolaryngologist Salary in USA

Average Otolaryngologist Salary
New York, NY
Los Angeles. CA
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL

Note, that this is mid-career salary range. Starting salary for ENT Surgeon may be lower.

How to Become ENT Surgeon in USA?

Before you can work as ENT surgeon in USA you should complete 5 years of residency in otolaryngology. It’s very competitive with almost zero-chances for IMGs to get into. And it’s not a joke – Match 2012 results show that 0 IMGs matched in Otolaryngology. This is not IMG-friendly specialty. Besides, it’s very popular among American graduates.

Lifestyle of ENT Surgeon

Considering Otolaryngology as future career? Here are main pros and cons of working in this medical field.

  • Many specialization options available including otology, head and neck surgery, laryngology and facial plastic surgery
  • Comfort lifestyle in comparison with other surgical specialties
  • Strong demand on job market and lots of opportunities for private practice
  • Good balance between medical and surgical cases
  • Work among good and nice people
  • Money. Salary in other surgical specialties are higher in average.
  • Lower demand for cosmetic procedures due to financial crisis

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