Obstetrician & Gynecologist salary in USA

How much do Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Ob-Gyn) Earn in USA?

With about 1/3rd of a Billion in population and more than half a million immigrants pouring in each year, looks like it will be green for Ob-Gyn Specialist Physicians for a long time! Lets see some quick Numbers of average obstetrician and gynecologist salary in USA:

New York $ 258,000/-
Houston $ 226,000/-
Los Angeles $ 246,000/-
Seattle $ 240,000/-

Be aware that, in the United States, as of April 2009, seventy-six percent of all obstetricians /gynecologists have been sued at least once, 57 percent have been sued twice, and nearly 42 percent have been sued three times or more.

Ob-Gyn has consistently ranked as a specialty with the highest Malpractice Insurance Premiums , i.e. the money you pay each year to protect yourself financially in case you are sued by patients. The AMA website puts this is averaging to about $35,000/- per year, but take note that the variations are huge country-wide. For example, the Ob-Gyn docs in Cook county in Illinois State paid an average of $138,484 during 2006 in premiums alone (One of the reasons why Illinois is losing its physicians) . Compare this with national averages of $8000/- per year for Family Practice and $9000/- pre year for Internal Medicine. As I said before, these rates differ from state to state. The malpractice premiums are high enough to make students consider twice before getting in Ob-Gyn Residencies and also the states they chose to do it.

Note: Family Physicians do a lot of Ob-Gyn work too - especially in the rural areas in USA. Ob-Gyn is also offered as a fellowship option after a Family Medicine residency...

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