Rheumatologists Salaries in USA

Ever since I read that the origin of the word "Rheumatic" lies in "Rheum", which means flux or flow, it always puzzled me to my wits end how on earth did the word "rheumatic" come to get associated with joints, when "arthros" was so much better...and then I read an article which said the following:

"In the definition of rheumatism proposed by Furetière's dictionary in 1690: ‘a great fluxion which races to various parts of the body, and goes from one to another’. Despite the influence of modern nosological nomenclature, a similar meaning, extended to the perception of aches and pains, survives in various sociocultural spheres. The term is used either in the singular or in the plural, underlying either the concept of embodiment or that of plurality"
Well well well - so much for etymology. Lets back to the bucks.

A 2-year fellowship after completing a residency in Internal medicine is what makes you a Rheumatologist in the USA.

Check out these representative base salary mid-career figures. Lower than the bone surgeon - but hey - it's still 6 figures... right ? ;-

Houston, TX = 175,000/-
Los Angeles, CA = 178,000/-
Miami, FL = 171,000/-
New York, NY = 186,000/-
Seattle, WA = 180,000/-

NOTE: Salaries here are the 50th Percentile Salaries and may apply to mid-career levels - the lower percentile salaries (for fresh physicians) may actually be lower by 30,000- 40,000 $

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